Alliance advantage

3000 types of more than 33 kinds of products


Diversified product project - the overall design of the space to provide designers with choice
Unique product effect - to meet the designer's rich creative thinking


From "design, development, manufacturing, production, marketing, sales, service," the full range of services and team manufacturers.
With "unique painting effect technology" and "arc custom processing technology" manufacturers.
Every year, a new type of continuous innovation, the new color of the manufacturers.
Manufacturers in Shenzhen, Shanghai and Taiwan with large storage and distribution centers.
Every year in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Taiwan many times to participate in large-scale exhibition.
Take the lead in the brand, the art of marketing and promotion in the whole East Asian manufacturers
Schedule regular brand dealers and all employees receive training course in the training, according to the class, Department, region, demand the further design courses, comprehensive leading dealers and employees and grow together.